Swiss Microlight Federation is supporting all activities of light sport aviation.

Especially during these very difficult times of the pandemic, our role is to maintain all the aeronautical know-how accumulated over the last decades. The SMF philosophy SAFE SIMPLE AFFORDABLE, and ECOLOGICAL has the great advantage of offering the best way for matching these goals.

Membership – Active members

We are a discipline of the Swiss Aéroclub AéCS
Annual subscription: CHF 74 (AéCS) and CHF 24 (SMF)
Becoming an active member from AéCS and SMF:
follow AéCS instruction from this form.

Membership – Passive members

Very modest annual subscription (10 CHF)
We would very appreciate your support.
Apply for passive membership directly to SMF via

For any question:
Contact or committee.


SMF is working on a voluntary basis, the help of all their members is required.
We also ask you to be understanding as we are not professional.

SMF Website

  • Due to the multilanguage state of Switzerland, we are trying to reflect the multilingual culture in this the webpage at least partially, English will be master, but the translation by non-professional may lead to, as we call in Switzerland, federal languages…
  • This site is still under construction and some errors are still to be found and corrected.


SMF goals are defined in our Roadmap.

We also want to keep you informed on progress for some important subjects:

  • News
  • Flying rules in Switzerland
  • Regulation EASA swiss and neighbor countries
  • Training, licenses
  • Maintenance
  • Safety

These pages will be open public whereas negotiations progress, access to our library, forum, surveys are reserved for members (active or passive).


What are microlights?

In some European countries, ‘’microlight’’ is synonymous with:

  • ULM Ultra Léger Motorisé
  • UL Ultraleichtflugzeugen
  • Ecolight
  • Ultralight

Since 2018 Microlight are defined in the EASA BASIC 2018/1139 Regulation as Annexe 1(e) aircrafts (up to 472.5kg (Gyros up to 600 kg) or acc art 2 para 8 (OPTOUT600) up to 600 kg for aeroplanes helicopters and gliders up to 600 kg. All that under national rules from EASA States.

Different classes of microlight are authorized depending on national provisions:

  • 3 axis
  • Gyros
  • Gliders
  • Trikes
  • Paramotor
  • Airships Ballons
  • Helicopters

Switzerland: Authorized are now:

  • Multiaxis (ecolight)
  • Gyros
  • Trike with electrical engine
  • Motorparagliding electrical only